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Voicemail Insurance Leads are arguably the best insurance leads available due to the level of interest prospects show, the timeliness of receiving the leads and ease of setting appointments. You have the option to order Spanish Life Leads or English Speaking Life Leads. A voicemail lead will be an audio message of a prospect speaking their name, phone number, asking to be called back. They want a return phone call from you and you receive their message asking for a call back within five minutes of them hanging up the phone. The agent will receive the message by email, click to play and listen to the message and then call back the prospect. When the agent calls back the prospect they are warm, friendly and best of all will remember leaving the message and most of all they know it’s about life insurance. Agents set 60% of these leads into appointments; we have seen higher results for the more seasoned agents. Because our third-party vendors deliver the leads so quickly, the person that left the message will remember doing so which gives you a great advantage. Also, you are returning their phone call, they asked you to call them back and it doesn’t get much easier than that!  You can literally receive a lead in the morning, call that person back within minutes and set the appointment, see them that afternoon, write the business, go back to the office and fax in your business that evening. If you are using the right carriers your business will issue and pay in 24-48 hours. There isn’t a more efficient system available anywhere!

Direct Live Transfer Leads - Order Now

Direct Live Transfer Leads will have you answering live calls from prospects wanting to talk to you about life insurance. You have the option to order Spanish Life Leads or English Speaking Life Leads. Agents use this type of service to set appointments or to sell over the phone. Working one on one with your sales associate, you coordinate your schedule with us and take calls when you are available. Each live transfer must pass the :60 seconds threshold in order for it to count against your lead total. That's right, if your call does not pass :60 seconds then you are not charged for the live transfer. Agents easily set 4-5 appointments in a two hour call session. We also offer a phone script to help you set more appointments the correct way! Turn your office into a call center today and write $10,000 in annual premium each week!